Illegible Objects


Illegible Objects is an ongoing inquiry where I take an object that (is seemingly illegible) has no apparent function and allow people to interpret, mold, and manipulate its image and thereby redefine its function. This inquiry has taken the form of a publication, the first issue of which focuses on a tiny Arch shaped object, documenting its journey as it traveled from person to person, each time assuming the role of a completely different object. The intention was for the object to intervene in the lives of the people who own it for a short period of time, and fit into the space that their lives offer. Illegible objects is a documentation of the various interactions people had with the object. Through this experiment, my familiarity with the form of the object changed; the object, from being an illegible object, became a prosthetic face, a pillow, a wine glass stand, a friend, but not only. The object had revealed itself as, not an illegible object, but a multi-legible one.

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The Miniature Arc / Illegible Object

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Illegible object in use